Mercury group

details of this model... Mercury group Picture thanks to Jose Heraud


The first Italian manufacturer of diecast model cars from 1945 to 1978. The First Series were at 1:40, 1:87 and 1:120 scales. The second Series was more detailed at 1:43 and 1:48. The Third Series was all 1:43 with suspension and windows.

[1-9] [10-17] [17-25] [25/A-29] [30-37] [38-41B] [41D-44/5] [44/6-50] [51-57] [61-88A] [88B-94C] [94D-213] [215-306] [307-501] [502-801] [807-1930]
First Series[1-10] [11-24]
Lit'l Toy[AP40-520]
Marklin import[68-68]
Micro Modelli Articulatii (Mini articulated) Serie[49A-49B/5]
Micro Modelli Carri (Mini trucks) Series 43[43A-43B/4]
Micro Modelli Carri (Mini trucks) Series 47[47A-47B]
Micro Modelli Vetture (Mini autos) Series 48[48A-48D]
promotional model[44-44]
Second Series[1-3]


Mercury Speedy line of models were produced from the late 1960's at 1:66 scale.

[309B-809] [810-870] [872-890]