Matchbox Gift Set G-5

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Early larger scale models from the maker of Matchbox toys.



Introduced in 1953 a range of models were numbered from 1 to 75. They were small enough to fit in a matchbox sized box.

[1C-3C] [G-4-5D] [G-6-8B] [8C-10C] [10D-13B] [13C-15D] [16A-18A] [18B-20B] [20C-23B] [23C-26A] [26B-28D] [29A-32A] [32B-35A] [35B-38C] [39A-42A] [42B-45B] [46A-49A] [49B-53A] [53-56B] [57A-59D] [60A-63C] [64A-67B] [68A-72A] [72B-75A]
Gift Set[G-1-G-5]
Lesney Edition[MB758-MB758]
Readers Digest promotion[7B-7B]

Matchbox Accessory Pack

Accesories for Matchbox cars.

[MG1a-G1C] [R-2-41]

Matchbox Collectables

Lather Matchboxes for collectors.

The Steam-Powered Vehicle Collection[YAS02-YAS02]

Matchbox King Size

Larger size Matchbox vehicles.

[K-?-K-3] [K-3-K-5] [K-6-K-9] [K-9-K-12] [K-13-K-19] [K-20-K-24] [K-25-K-37] [K-37-K-69] [K-74-105] [K-106-K-161]
Battle Kings[K-102-K-109]
Collectors Edition Series[K-168-K-168]
Matchbox Speed Kings[K-27-K-48]
Speed Kings[K-38-K-38]
SpeedKings[K-21-K-56] [K-59-K-61]
Super Kings[K-7-K-40] [K-49-K-111]

Matchbox Major Pack

Matchbox Major Packs were introduced in 1957 and where often Larger vehicles.

Matchbox Major[M1-M6] [M6-M10]

Matchbox Mattel Wheels

Later Matchbox under Mattel Ownership.

Convoy Series[35222-89921-91]

Matchbox Models of YesterYear

A range of historic vehicles.

[Y?-Y2] [Y2-Y4] [Y4-Y-6] [G-6-Y8] [Y8-Y11] [Y12-Y15] [Y16-Y23] [Y14-Y42]
Best of British[Y19-Y19]
Special Edition[Y9-Y10]
special edition[Y11-Y11]
Special Edition[YS38-YS38]
The Matchbox American Muscle Car Collection[YMC 01-YMC 10] [YMC 11-YMC 12]

Matchbox Superfast

Matchbox fitted with Superfast wheels

[?-?] [?-2A] [2B-MB 3] [WD3-5C] [MB 5-7C] [7F-MB 8] [9A-11B] [11C-12] [MB 12-RW014] [14A-15C] [MB 15-18A] [18B-19D] [20-22A] [MB 22-24A] [24B-25C] [25D-MB 26] [26-MB 28] [29A-MB 30] [31A-33A] [33B-MB 35] [35-MB 37] [37-40A] [40B-MB 42D] [MB 43-MB 44] [MB 44-MB 46] [47A-MB 48] [49A-51C] [51D-53C] [53D-55B] [55C-57B] [57E-59A] [59B-61B] [MB 61C-63C] [64A-65] [66A-68A] [68B-70D] [70E-72E] [MB 72-MB 74] [75B-1170EA] [1490EA-47/100]
BP Collection[BP-BP]
Esso Extra[17C-17C]
Gold Series[47-47]
Heritage Classics[24/100-24/100]
Japan Series[J8-J8]
promotional model[BP-MB-68]
Stars of Germany Collection[58-58]
Super Kings[MB 65-MB 65]