Dinky Supertoys Boxes

Here are some interesting examples of the inconsistent packaging of models that were sometimes marketed as Supertoys.

Dinky 918 box

The above example is marked Dinky Supertoys as was the chassis of the Guy Van.

Dinky417 box

This example is marked Dinky Toys on both the box and the lorry though this model was sold as No931 a Dinky Supertoy.

Dinky 922 box

This Big Bedford Lorry has the blue stripped box of a Dinky Supertoy but without the words and in fact the toy within was marked Dinky Toy and the number on the underneath of the body was 522 the 5 being smaller than the 22 this number being in the Dinky Toy Range rather than 922 which might have been indicative of a Supertoy.